We fight for a better world

We fight for a better world

Young Humans of Climate Change

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The Project “Young Humans of Climate Change” is a storytelling platform for young people from all corners of the world. It encourages young people to tell their story: why and how they started to get active with climate change. It aims to inspire other young people to embark on the journey from climate awareness to climate action. The project emerged during the St. Gilgen Climate Action Retreat, which is part of the research project “cli-MATES”

St. Gilgen Collective

We are 20 engaged environmentalists from all across Europe who see and feel climate change as an urgent threat for all life on earth, including humanity itself. Climate change is happening right now. We gathered in St. Gilgen, Austria to seek collaborative routes to communicating climate change. We will do this by engaging in diverse initiatives, pioneering creative projects, living in ways that support a just, liberated and habitable world, encouraging other change makers, and trying to be role models for many other people. We are the future, and the future starts now, and we demand that our voices are acknowledged.

If you want to read more about us - check out the St. Gilgen Climate Collective Manifesto

Research Project

The project cli-MATES aims to investigate the potential of collective climate engagement compared to individual climate engagement. It will particularly focus on the role of social norms, perceived self-efficacy and group efficacy regarding young adult’s engagement for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Using an action research approach the project investigates…

... underlying mechanisms that drive youth-led climate initiatives and high-profile campaigns targeted at young adults

... young climate leaders pathways towards engagement

... the role of social norms, self- and group efficacy, class and gender

... the potential influence of social media

Involves young climate leaders in a co-design process…

... to co-create new creative methods and communication formats that foster collective climate action

... to mutually learn and benefit from each other and the variety of experiences and expertise

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