Unique moments in nature

Unique moments in nature

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My name is Eva, I come from Hamburg (Germany) and I work as an environmental psychologist and I teach circus acrobatics. What made me care for this planet and start acting for climate justice and against environmental destruction, were unique and joyful moments in „nature“. Seeing the beauty of mother earth, touching healthy soil, feeling wind and rain on my skin, witnessing the change of seasons and daytime - it sounds terribly cheesy, but I guess it’s a major source of energy that has kept me engaging in the climate justice movement for the last ten years. And will hopefully do so for much more time to come.

My engagement is rewarding for me first of all as it brings me together with many amazing people, and the great majority of my social network lies in the climate justice movement. Also, it feels easier for me to bear witness to our destructive, money-driven and violent system which we live in, knowing that I am working for change. It also gives my hope, and sometimes, it helps me to disappear for a while in my little „ecological“ bubble and think about other futures

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Eva works at Wandel Werk, an organisation that combines psychology and environmental protection to make it easier for people to behave environmentally friendly. She supports the mass actions of civil disobedience against lignite mining and educates on the topic of extractivism of natural resources using storytelling and drawn images as a means of opening up debates around mining. Her big passion is circus acrobatics and she enjoys combining environmental activism with circus.


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